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Howto: Turn off EDGE on iPhone 2.0

BossPrefs is now available for Firmware 2.0! You can find it in the Cydia-Installer. It lets you turn on and off EDGE on demand! So use BossPrefs instead!

Firmware 2.0 came and installer.app left.
Right. Installer.app will not work on firmware 2.0 phone, nore will the the other apps you have installed with installer before. This also means, that you won’t have BossPrefs or Services to turn on or off your EDGE connection on demand. Here is a little workaround to permanently turn EDGE off until the above tools will become available for the firmware 2.0.

First, to save you from any costs immediately, you should turn on the flight-mode and then turn on Wi-Fi again (yes, this combination is now possible). This turns off EDGE but also the phone capability, so it’s not a solution.

As a requirement you need to have OpenSSH installed. You probably have, if you chose the simple-mode in pawnage-tool.
I will describe the graphical way here but you can also do it via Terminal.
Hint: You might set the auto-lock time in Settings to never while doing this, since it will loose connection on locking. 

  1. Find out your iPhone’s IP Address in Settings>Wi-Fi by clicking on the small arrow next to your Wi-Fi Network.
  2. Open Cyberduck (you don’t have it? Get the best FTP-client for mac here http://cyberduck.ch)
  3. In Cyberduck, click on Open Connection. There,
    1. choose SFTP as the protocol to use
    2. enter your iPhone’s IP address as the server address
    3. root as user name
    4. alpine as password
  4. Once connected, go to /System/Library/Carrier Bundles
  5. You’ll see a lot of numbers. Don’t worry. Scroll down to end of the list to find human-readable names and choose your carrier.
  6. Download carrier.plist (if you do this with Terminal, open this file with nano)
  7. Double-click it to open it with Property List Editor
  8. Go to Root>apns>0 and change the value of apn (it’s sufficient to add an extra word, e.g. offline so you can undo changes later if you need to)
  9. Safe and upload the file to the same spot where you downloaded it off you iphone (be sure here, Cyberduck might fool you).
  10. Restart your iPhone and turn off airplane-mode. You can try if it worked by turning off Wi-Fi and trying to access a web page. If it says “unable to connect” you did everything right :)
  1. 20. Juli 2008, 18:54 | #1

    thanks, works great!

  2. heyved
    20. Juli 2008, 19:26 | #2

    You sir are a hero! Thanks a bunch!

  3. Andy
    20. Juli 2008, 20:04 | #3

    This didn’t help me really but it got me some ideas on what to be doing.

    EDGE still worked after this but I found this and it solved my problems!

  4. adil
    20. Juli 2008, 22:35 | #4

    doesn’t work, edge still works. even replaced carrier on both irish and uk versions of 02

  5. 20. Juli 2008, 22:45 | #5

    Hi andil,
    In some countries O2 falls back to T-Mobile. So try to do the same for the T-Mobile file according to your country.

  6. Slim
    20. Juli 2008, 23:25 | #6

    Here is an even easier way, go to Settings, then General, then select Network, then select Cellular Data Network. Delete all the APN settings including username and password. If the phone has no network to connect to edge it cant connect, simple. Turn off Wi-Fi and test by opening Safari. It will tell you that safari is not connected to the internet. easy and no messing with the iPhone file system.

  7. 20. Juli 2008, 23:34 | #7

    Hi Slim,
    Right, if you have this menu entry, this is the preferable way to do it.
    Unfortunately I don’t have the entry Cellular Data Network in my Settings. Never had and don’t know why.
    If I find out how to enable it, I’ll post it here :)

  8. Ben
    21. Juli 2008, 17:18 | #8


    You can use Iphone Browser to do this as well. I am ATT customer w/ a pay per use dataplan. I just did a find on apn and changed the username after it to uuusername and for password changed it to pppassword.

  9. kin
    21. Juli 2008, 19:23 | #9

    it’s work!!!
    thank you~!!

  10. iw
    23. Juli 2008, 23:05 | #10

    Download the iPhone Configuration Utility from Apple. This is used by enterprises to provide their iPhone users with the proper configuration to connect to their networks.

    info taken from…


  11. Marc
    24. Juli 2008, 08:45 | #11


    since your blog seems to be all english I will drop some lines in english:)
    Both howtos 2.0 update and edge workaround are great but I gave away the Mac. Waiting for a pwnage windows version…

  12. 29. Juli 2008, 16:04 | #12

    As I wrote above, BossPrefs is now available in the Cylida-Installer. Use it instead!

  13. 8. August 2008, 19:11 | #13

    Very interesting site, i have added it to my fovourites. Greetings

  14. Craig
    30. August 2008, 21:47 | #14

    Easiest thing I’ve done yet with an iphone. thanks!!

  15. Yarre Macedonia
    21. September 2008, 13:10 | #15

    Easiest way is to delete yourprovider.bundle folder, and after reboot it will restore the default settings.
    If you want to turn off, just erase one letter from your edge settings ( passwor for example )

  16. ken
    28. September 2008, 16:19 | #16

    I’m a PC user, it does not work on iPhone 2.1 ; (

  17. Oz
    8. Oktober 2008, 23:21 | #17

    Use cydia and run bossprefs 2.15. I am using it on firmware 2.0.2

  18. thomas
    30. November 2009, 09:52 | #18

    I’ve the ipohne 3GS. I’m looking for a little apps, which could simply turn off all the communication media (edge, 3G, wifi) on my iphone when I want it (i.e. to save battery). It could be a small icon, in the apps panel like a simple switch ON-OFF. On course by pressing ON, the apps would use the good parameter and enable EDge, 3G, Wifi, or anything available to connect the internet.

    Do you know if such an apps exists ?



  19. someguy
    7. Dezember 2009, 00:25 | #19

    Hi guys,

    I was having the problem of being billed even though i only use net via wifi. I did a bit of searching and found this. Its like an app, I’m not sure if it works for 3G or 3GS. Just test it by running safari with wifi off…



  20. someguy
    7. Dezember 2009, 00:30 | #20
  21. admin
    7. Dezember 2009, 10:23 | #21

    Thanks someguy!

  1. 27. Juli 2008, 09:41 | #1